Liberty Birds.

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[Liberty Birds 8-24]
Bird says, I was a liberal once.

How many friends, neighbors, and family members are in this same situation?

[Liberty Birds 9-26]
The referee calls touchdown.

The last play of the football game between Green Bay and Seattle ended in a decision that will be discussed for years.

[Liberty Birds 9-6]
We need a group decision.

This happened September 5, 2012, at the democratic convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the following video link, there are two motions. The first motion passed by an audible majority. In the second motion, the chairman asks for an audible vote three times and finally ignores the opposition in order for the motion to pass.

[Liberty Birds 9-17]
Reminds me of a riddle.

During the democratic convention, members were in conflict on whether to reinsert the words God and Jerusalem back into their platform. An unrelated email had been floating around that somehow became part of the discussion. The link below has the answer, so if you want to solve the riddle yourself, look at the cartoon first and don't read the link.

[Liberty Birds 9-24]
Narration above bird standing.

The Benghazi attack left four Americans murdered, including a Navy SEAL that Romney had met by chance.

[Liberty Birds 9-20]
Birds says, that's your logo on our flag.

For a few days, the Barack Obama store was selling a poster for $35 titled "Our Stripes: Flag Print." After enough criticism and the resemblance to bloody hand prints, the poster disappeared from the campaign website.

[Liberty Birds 10-2]
Big Bird teaching the ABCs to little birds.

In the first presidential debate, Big Bird was mentioned and became a target for ads and jokes.

[Liberty Birds 9-10]
The guy says, Hello Mr. President.

The speech by Clint Eastwood at the Republican National Convention made the empty chair famous.


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