Liberty Birds.
Picture of person standing and pointing to bird with the worm.

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  1. From nature.
  2. Lies ahead.
  3. Wisened up.
  4. Bird's eye.
  5. Freedom to fly.
  6. Night and day.
  7. Moon power.
  8. picture of lecturing the birds
  9. Unbelievable.
  10. Genius angle.
  11. New vision.
  12. Balancing act.
  13. New balance.
  14. Favored votes.
  15. Greater than God.
  16. Jump shot.
  17. Dribble left.
  18. Fly with us.
  19. Damaged bird.
  20. Remember.
  21. Birds realize.
  22. picture of speaking to two liberty birds
  23. Our stripes.
  24. Climbing the ladder.
  25. Official announcement.
  26. Bird and her nest.
  27. Bird and her worms.
  28. Share the worms.
  29. Government worms.
  30. Bucket plan.
  31. Salad or bacon.
  32. Big Bird.
  33. Commander in Chief.
  34. Seat declares.
  35. Turn around.
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picture of birds upset and leaving
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